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A marker on a grave, marker on a grave
Marker on a grave and I know I'm the one who died
And underneath the name, underneath the name
Underneath my name it says, "He Earned His Life"

A solo pen and paper game for #Neilvember. 

You are a mortician, preparing a body for burial. Of course, not everyone gets a burial. Only those who Earned Their Life.

It’s your job to decide if they did.


This short game explores capitalism, death, money and value.

Prepare a body and reflect on their life - who were they? How were they perceived? What did they do with their life?  Did they spend their time well? Did they earn their life?

This game is a submission for #NeilvemberJam 2019 and is inspired by  I Earned My Life by Lemon Demon from the album Spirit Phone.

I wish my life was on a graph
So I knew how much left I have to earn tonight


I Earned my life.pdf 82 kB

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