Explore how people with periods throughout history have coped with mood swings, bad skin, sore backs, cramps, blood, and more! 

A historical look back at the history of period care, from the 12th century to now.

This game is a work in progress! Any feedback is welcome and any spelling mistakes are completely accidental.

Cover Image: https://www.watercolourworld.org/painting/bruges-–-group-women-market-tww01944a

Content Note: Contains explicit references to blood and menstruation, brief and non-explicit reference to fasting. 


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I really liked this approach (of playing as 'the period') and the historical aspect - I'd be keen to see more! (Also, super sorry it took me so long to play it - been moving house and then my computer was out of action for a while). Thanks for making your game :)

Thanks for this one! I hope you'll complete this IF in the future. That's a nice format for learning things.

I was glad to learn new things (eg. that 19th women didn't always get their periods in winter because of lack of food...). Do you think possible to add small footnotes with your references? It can be interesting if we want to read books etc.


Thanks for commenting!! I'm still working on it (life unfortunately gets in the way) and was hoping to do footnotes/bibliography at the end so really glad to hear that you'd be interested in that! 

great news! :) 

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